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We present solutions that put your company at

innovation dynamics for the development of new projects.

Check Office
Improved Solutions

Check Office arises from the need to revitalize and modernize the Business Management processes.

Why choose us?


We want to be a business partner that adds value to our customers, promoting interconnection, trust, efficiency and quality services.


The decisions and processes implemented will influence the performance of your company.

Our goal and commitment

Provide specialized advice in the accounting, tax, human resources and process management areas.

Information Reliability – Accounting and Tax.

Use of information technologies adapted to facilitate better and faster management and tax information.

Consultants near you – We will be with you so you can focus on your business.

Innovation and monitoring of new market trends.

Our experience

We work with the entrepreneur in terms of organizational, financial management guidance and in terms of identifying
concurrent technical skills.

Our team

Lurdes Santos


Ana Chasqueira

Accountancy Department

João Matos

Accountancy Department

Tânia Nascimento

Accountancy Department

Diana Silva

Accountancy Department

Pedro Duarte

Marketing Department

Sandra Santos

Human Resources Department

Miguel Cardoso

Human Resources Department

Cíntia Carvalho

Human Resources Department

Tatiana Faustino

Accountancy Department

Ana Queimado

Accountancy Department

Customer Reviews

" For me, trust and proximity to people are essential values in a business relationship. Check Office fulfills this purpose and has demonstrated, during years of collaboration, to be highly efficient in the accounting and human resources functions, providing creative and intelligent solutions to obtain the best results in my company."


Taberna Moderna

" They worked in a very efficient way since the beginning and also helped us to improve and learn better ways to organize ourselves. They provide excellent accounting information and have an excellent knowledge in tax laws that has been valuable throughout the years. We consider them one of the corner stones of our business."


Sudoberry SA

“Checkoffice is more than a company and a service, it is a partnership that improves our business.”


Kiss Unipessoal Lda.
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